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Lotensin – is No. 1 medical remedy

Have you a high arterial pressure? Does heart failure knock you out everyday life? Your emergency help is Lotensin!

Lotensin – is a medical remedy which transforms into active substance benazeprilat.

It happens when Lotensin gets into an organism and is biotransformed by metabolic processes. Benazeprilat medication suppresses as function of angiotensin-transformed enzyme (ATE), so as synthesis of angiotensin II.

The result of inhibition of these processes in the organism is remission of vessels resistance and also arterial and diastolic blood pressure (heart preload). In spite Lotensin remises the general resistance of vascular walls and heart muscle, this effect any way doesn’t reflect on heart rhythm.

Notable result after the first usage of Lotensin!

Immediately after the first usage of Lotensin you will have a positive result. Effect appears two hours later of the first usage and lasts for 24 hrs. After a week of permanent Lotensin medication as a result you will have decreasing and normalization of blood pressure. If to stop Lotensin usage no blood pressure rising will be. The important thing is that Lotensin effect doesn’t depend on age and sex of a patient. Lotensin doesn’t influence on medical qualities and initial rates of plasma components activity.

Those who have heart failure after Lotensin mixing with standard pharmaceutical drug (a complex therapy) could already notice at the first days of medication course a result as increasing of cardiac emission, lowing of arterial pressure and pressure decreasing into capillary of lung tissue. Also a suppression of the syndromes common for chronic heart failure have been noticed.

In patients suffering from a violation of mocheispuskalnoy system, prolonged use of Lotensin, not only reduced the risk of worsening renal function of more than 50% but was cause a decrease in the concentration of protein in the urine.

For the patients suffering from urinary system disorder, a long reception of Lotensin not only reduced risk of deterioration renal function more than 50 %, but also became a cause of decrease the protein concentration in an urine.

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Lotensin – the best medicine for your heart

Has your heart some pain? Does a pain disturb your heart and you? You’d like to buy a pill against heart pain – an effective and inexpensive medicine? You need to pain your attention at Lotensin. Having Lotensin you will never have a heart pain!

Superfine medicine Lotensin was developed especially for effective treatment of chronic heart failure and arterial hypertension. This pill contains special components which decrease vasoconstrictor action of angiotensin II.

Reception Advantages of Lotensin

Lotensin is essential medication which has a large amount of advantages. One of its positive side is an opportunity to buy pill without prescription. No doubts, having an acute heart pain you needn’t a doctor’s prescription but you need an effective medicine quickly takes away all unpleasant feelings and pain. The same time you need two things: an urgent help and effective pill. It’s a moment when time can save your life!

So we would like to recommend you our online drugstore. Here it’s possible to make order Lotensin online without prescription and to buy Lotensin without prescription. Our experts will tell you about rules of using this superfine medicine Lotensin and about its contraindications. All our customers can pay money for pills by Visa MasterCard and AMEX.

Does Lotensin have contraindications?

D’you know, even vitamin C has contraindications? No doubts, such complex and effective drug like Lotensin has contraindications also. You need to pay attention in what cases Lotensin using is not recommended:

  1. Explicit renal dysfunction
  2. Arteriosclerosis
  3. Diabetes mellitus
  4. Hyperkalemia
  5. A state after kidney transplantation
  6. Increased sensitivity to benasepril

You should be careful in case of using Lotensin together with other hypertensive drugs.

As to Lotensin own contraindications, this pill doesn’t initiate any of them, naturally in case of its correct perception.

There are important cautions of Lotensin storage. It has to stay in dry and dark places, far from children.

It’s worthy to buy Lotensin! This drug has proven itself well not only in Europe but also in America.

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Some words about Lotensin contraindications

Lotensin has several side effects and contraindications. It’s worthy to notice that the frequency of implication of that or other side effect is rather small, and all problems connected with Lotensin usage are common for all other ATP inhibitors.

Usual problems (at 1 – 10% of patients) during treatment by Lotensin are disorders of the digestion system, failure of cardiac rhythm, hypotension, vertigo, cough. Also sprinkle accompanied by itching and photosensitivity after Lotensin perception can appear.

Rare symptoms are disorder of circulatory system, sensory organs, the liver and biliary tract. Lotensin can be a cause of sleeping regime or nervous disorder. But all these side effects occurred in less than 0.01% of patients.

Also, it’s worthy to refuse from Lotensin that people who suffer following illnesses:

  1. Bilateral stenosis of kidneys;
  2. Giperkalimiya;
  3. Quincke’s edema;
  4. Scleroderma;
  5. Lupus erythematosus.

Women giving breastfeeding to babies also have not to use Lotensin. The thing is that benazepril often goes away from the body by mother’s milk. Even the smallest concentration of the drug into baby’s blood can be the cause of a bad general state or some side effects. Pregnant women are not recommended to percept Lotensin, because inhibiting agents ACE can cause fetal abnormalities, and sometimes become the cause of his death.

Don’t forget, alcohol emphasizes Lotensin effect, the same are different diuretics and hypotensive remedies. So, you should be careful while using Lotensin with other drugs.

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